2007 Antique Telephone Collectors Association Phone show at Bloomington, IL

The table set up last night...  Wow--- 172 TABLES!!!!

Vince opens up his van to reveal some of the parking lot deals

Norm is working the crowd in the parking lot last night

The girls at the registration table were up early this morning

Most of the guys started to fill the lobby prior to the doors to the giant show room opening

Lee started to prepare his table as we flooded into the room at 8.

Nice pair!   And they even telescope!! 

I've seen this black #10 somewhere before...

Sticks, sticks, sticks

The room seems to go on forever.


Ever see this many long poles in one place?

A whole set of Bell System flatware was found on eBay!

Jeff Brown, our auctioneer, entertains us for another annual auction of goodies.