ATCA Listserv (Association Listserv)

The ATCA Listserv is  managed by Chuck Eby for the Antique Telephone Collectors Association through arrangement with and for the donation of list hosting services.

Any member of the ATCA is welcome to join over 300 on-line collectors to receive daily email messages about antique telephone collecting and participate in discussions about the hobby. To join, ATCA members should read and accept the conditions in the below Listserv Guideline, email Chuck at and provide their email address, name and ATCA membership number. At his earliest opportunity, Chuck will verify ATCA membership and send the subscription commands into the host computer at ICORS.

The ATCA member listserv is now hosted by a different organization than we have been using for the past nine years.  St. John’s University terminated listserv support beginning January 31, 2006.  The new group, ICORS,, is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to act as an information center for many of the lists from St. Johns.  The Antique Telephone Collectors Association is proud and privileged to have been accepted by the ICORS group.

As part of the Terms of Service agreement made with ICORS, two documents have been provided to ATCA listserv members. Prior to joining the ATCA listserv and posting to the group, the agreement of the guidelines in item number one is required.

1) Listserv Rules & Guidelines document

2)  FAQs

ALL ATCA listserv members must agree to the Listserv Rules & Guidelines prior to posting a message. 

The FAQ’s have pertinent information to assist with member listserv maintenance.