ATCA Individual Member Webpages

Bruce Patterson #1226

Dylan Cruz #4826

Northern Pacific Switched Telecommunications Network

Tom Adams #213

Tom’s Antique Telephones

A great photographic collection of early telephones mostly from the pre-1900’s.  Included are other collected antiques as well.

Doug Alderdice #1636

Doug’s Telephones

Photos of individual phones and descriptions in personal collection. Mostly Western Electric telephones

Mike Davis #2202 

Mike’s Vintage Telephone

Mike’s 30 year collection of antique and vintage telephones. Many types including early & rare telephones spanning from the late 1800s through the 1970s are represented. The main focus of the site is the vast collection of early paystations and payphones representing examples ranging from the very beginning in the 1800s to the very end of their run in the 1980s.

Mike DeGeer #4087 

Mike DeGeer’s Telephone Collection

Mike’s personal collection.  Nice close-up photographs of the front and back view of his telephones

Chuck Eby #381 

Antique Telephone History Website

One of the internet’s oldest antique telephone websites. Information can be found on old phones, history, science projects, the Antique Telephone Collectors Association and links.

Paul Fassbender #3144

Old Telephones as Entertainment

Telephone oddities, curiosities and prototypes plus reference charts on Western Electric 300, 500 and Design Line sets and “Phones in color.”

Howard Fease #3268

AndHow! Antique Telephones!

Retail site for sales of antique and vintage telephones

Steve Hilsz #22  

Antique Telephone Repair

Source of antique telephone and dial repair

Dave Hunter #4619

Prince Edward Island Telephones

The History of the Telephone on Prince Edward Island

Dave Hunter

Prince Edward Island Telephone Museum

The Telephone Museum of Prince Edward Island

Ron & Mary Knappen #45

35+ years of restoring old telephones of all types, selling phones from1895-present, old and new parts, cords, books, History, Museum, Tours, Catalog 608 582 4124. email:

Dave Kuns #4030


Photographs of telephones in a private collection

John LaRue #921

JkL Museum of Telephony

Photographs of telephones found in the JKL Museum of Telephony. 

Ralph Meyer #1586

Old Time Telephone (Ralph Meyer’s book)

Popular, must have, textbook about antique telephones, their history and how they work.
FREE download of improved 3rd Edition

Jeff Race #63

How to Repair & Build Old Phones

Twenty-two page paper on repairing old phones.  Pdf format

Richard Rose #1920

Dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the Ericofon.

Mark Treutelaar #4046

Old Phone Shop

Offers refurbished antique telephones and payphones. Parts are available for most telephones from 1895 to the 1980’s. Original and reproductions available. Repair and restoration. Powder coating and nickle plating available.

A site dedicated to old porcelain telephone signs

Jerry Williams #1742  

Signs, Telephones, Memorabilia

A composite of Jerry’s 20 years of collecting.