The internet has a number of web pages devoted to old telephones that are produced by individuals.  Below are some of them:

Web Pages devoted to antique telephones
  • Tony Fisher's Telephone Page  
    From the UK Tony provides some telephone sounds, history links and diagrams for UK phones.
  • Telephone Tribute
    Dave Massey's massive telephone site with everything you ever wanted to know about the subject
  • Bill Hare's Phones
    Bill provides a nice display of old telephones
  • John Holcombe's "Telephone Stuff"
    A collection of trimline, princess and other telephones.
  • Masayuki Niwa's Telephone page
    From Japan, this site has a number of old telephone photos plus links to additional sites.
  • Yamada's Home page
    This Japanese site shows photos of many Japanese telephones
  • Alan Bryant's Phone Pages
    Alan provides photos of his personal telephone collection.
  • Vince Robert's Old Phones
    This UK site has photos of telephones from around the world.
  • Ian's Bakelite Telephones
    From the UK, Ian provides a number of photos and diagrams for European bakelite telephones
  • Paul Fassbender's Collection
    Paul provides a great deal of information on post WWII phones.
  • Cyber Telephone Museum
    A very nice and large display of rare telephones.
  • French telephone collection
    Denis's site has history and photographs of old telephones.
  • Chuck's Telephone Museum
    A revolving display of Chuck's collection.
  • Tony Rogers Old Phone Page
    This UK site has some nice close up photos of his collection.
  • Reynolds Hedland's phones
    A display of Ren's private collection.
  • Runeberg Project-Telecommunications
    Photographs and diagrams for many Swiss telephones
  • Cliff Zimmerer's rare phones
    See photos of a rare coffin phone
  • Peter Walker's Phone page
    Lots of great photos of UK phones.
  • Gerd-W. Klaas's Phones
    This German site has info and photos of some very rare European telephones.
  • Klaus Poehlchen's old phones
    From Germany, some very unusual telephones
  • Tomi Engdahl's Phone Technology Page
    A good site for technical information
  • Porcelain Telephone Signs
    Lots of information on Bell Telephone signs
  • The "Central Office"
  • Dave Crilley's Telephones
    Dave's Telephone Collection
  • Ove's Ericsson pages
    In this Swedish site, Ove provides a lot of information about old Ericsson telephones
  • Eric Korenman's Phones
    Ton's of phone pictures for mostly desk telephones
  • Neil Allan's Bakelite Phones
    Neil's UK site provides many photos of European bakelite telephones
  • Telephone World
    Telephone history, telephone recordings and payphones
  • Fred Nibart's Telephone Site
    Fred's site is found in both French and English provides history and photos of many older European telephones.
  • Carla's Old Phones
    Carla has info on military phones and old telephone ads
  • "The Telephone Man"
    Paul's site provides information, photos, items for sale and repairs.
  • Jeff Garber's Fone Page
    They call him "Mr Fone" and there is information about phones & Culture, phone music, etc.
  • How To Spot a Repro StickPhone
    Important information about the Western Electric dial stick phone
  • Telephones UK
    Mike Fletcher's excellent phone page with many photos of phones from the UK.  A must stop.


    Note: This site is not responsible for the content of the above links. The information is controlled by the individual webmasters.


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