The 2002 ATCA Fall Show at Atlanta is now history. Much thanks goes to Lee Thompson and Norm Mulvey for their work on putting together and hosting a very fine National Telephone Show.

Note: This page has been updated on 9/2/02 with additional photographs from David Massey.

George Minnich our Board Chairman

Walt Smith with his "ratty" display

Joe White flew in from Phoenix

Herb McCarthy had lots of old parts

John Infurna makes tons of parts for us

Roy Basci has some very rare phones in that box
Jim Aita always comes to a phone show.
 John LaRose also makes telephone parts for us

Vern Potter from Utah hasn't missed a Fall Show since 1994

You will always find Jon Kolger with a Hawaiian shirt and a collection of string phones.

If there is a phone show, Don Scott will be there.

Jeff Brown, our auctioneer, with his infectious smile.

Need a WE #10? Call Walt Aydelotte. He had three for sale.

Alan Colburn, man of 1000 signs

Bill Compton showed there was more than one Princess in the kingdom.

To the left our Newsletter Editor John Huckeby assists our auctioneer Jeff Brown.

Hundreds of phones to view

"Mr. 2" came for a visit.

There are always displays to look at.

The mouse display

Vince Wilson's string phone

How rare is this? It belongs to Ed Gerson
Look at all the stuff for the auction! Is that Bell's liquid transmitter in the middle?

And someone bought a lot of stuff at the auction!

More auction stuff.. Is that a 3 boxer I see?

Can you believe it? John Infurna made this!
The following photos below were taken by David Massey

Norm Mulvey.. Show Co-Host

Bob Holland and John Scroggs

Chuck Eby, ATCA webmaster and Listserv Manager (yup, it's me!!!)

Matt Degnan, Board Member

Dennis Owens.  He sells the Novus!

Marty Delius found a 1961 protype single slot.

Bob Harbin


Dave Bagnor



Special note about shows:
Many of us think that phone shows are easy to put together and we squabble about the registration fees. This year's show at the Marriot cost approximately $8000 to run which includes the hall rental fees and food. Hotel contracts with the hosts call for the exclusive rights to food and they charge quite a bit, such as the $27 per gallon for the morning coffee!