ATCA New England Regional Telephone Show, Enfield, Connecticut

October 8, 2021

50th Anniversary Show Photos, Shipshewana, Indiana August 6-7, 2021

Jim Engle’s Golf Course Show, California, Kentucky May 7-8, 2021

Photos of the Antique Telephone Collectors Association annual spring show hosted by Jim Engle and John Huckeby at California, Kentucky on May 7-8, 2021. More photos will be added as they are received.

Member and Attendee Reviews

Hi everyone:
Patti and I returned from the Regional Telephone Show in California KY Saturday night. We left Victor NY on Thursday morning the 6th and drove to Columbus, OH, where we stayed the night. Friday morning we then drove on to KY and, after gassing up in Wilder KY, made the short 15 minute drive to California KY, and drove into The Engle’s Golf Course venue, where we were treated like Royalty by Jim Engle and John Huckeby! It was incredible!
They wouldn’t even allow me to unload my own stuff and carry it the 25’ to my 4 tables! I was set up and “wheeling and dealing” in half an hour. As usual I had too much stuff, but better to be “flush than lean”, if you know what I mean. Bits and pieces of mine sold, but the “big ticket” stuff just sat there daring someone to dicker, but “tire Kicking” was what was going on. Things turned serious around 5:30 or so and serious bartering ensued and the “big Iron” started to move..
I thinned the load down a bit and, like everyone else, walked the 50’ to the Club house building where Cathy Engle and Sharon Huckeby served a Southern Fried Chicken Dinner beyond compare. Hundreds of chickens must have had a bad day as I have never seen that much fried chicken! This was accompanied by large bowls of green salad, baked beans, condiments, pickles, pies, cookies, soft drinks, bags of chips, nachos, pretzels etc. All this took place in The Main Gallery which is a very large Room surrounded by padded Booths, and stuffed chairs, side chairs, and decorated with hundreds of Jim’s incredible Telephone Signs. What a superb place to host a Telephone Show!
The other major Room of the Club House is The Lounge, where more casual congregating takes place. Jim has a sampling of his many portable coin Collectors and Candlesticks and colored desk sets displayed there. This is where several of the Wives of Collectors sat around throughout the day, enjoying small talk, drinking coffee, tea, bottled water etc., nonstop. Sharon Huckeby kept the users of this area very satisfied. In fact, it was so hospitable some of the Collectors regularly visited with the ladies, instead of tending their Tables outside!
The Outdoor venue included the large Covered, open sided “Lean to” building, plus a Circus type Tent, with open sides , and a large Party Tarp structure with blue and white stripes. All 3 structures were filled with large white folding Tables and chairs.
Saturday morning the food fest continued when Cathy brought many boxes of tasty filled donuts with coffee, Tea, and bottled water. Dealing outside got real serious and many items and copious parts changed hands. At Noon, just to make sure nobody left there hungry, Cathy worked her magic again and brought in myriad large boxes of incredible Pizza! What a splendid ending to a super nice, cordial event.
One thing is obvious to me: the folks in Kentucky are very laid back and cordial. If you don’t feel good after visiting there, you must be the problem.
I sure hope I get the chance to do this again!
Patti and I want to personally thank ATCA for under writing this Regional Show and the Engle’s and Huckeby’s for their Sponsorship and all their hard work.

Walt Aydelotte ATCA #303, Victor, New York

P.S. Food for Thought: A Large Circus type tent holding over 125 Tables could easily be set up there, (replacing the 3 current structures) with rollup sides, that could accommodate a National Show! The location and the fact it is Privately owned make it financially attractive, and it’s only 30 miles from an International Airport. Just saying….

Thank you Walt for the review! We appreciate comments from our members! If you’d like to submit a review of the show, please email me and I’ll add it to the page!

Greg Kouba #3483, Club President