Useful Listserv Commands


There are three email addresses associated with the ATCA listserv. It is very important that you understand the differences between them.

This address…Is used for…
ATCA@listserv.icors.orgPosts to the list. Mail sent to this address will be sent to every list subscriber. It cannot be used to send commands to the listserv software (to alter your options).
atca-request@listserv.icors.orgMessages for the attention of the listowner. Mail sent to this address will be sent to Chuck Eby but not to other list subscribers.
listserv@listserv.icors.orgCommands sent to the listserv software. Messages sent to this address are acted upon automatically by the listserver. They are not sent to the listowner or list subscribers.

All of the listserv commands mentioned this FAQ need to be sent to the Listserv address:, and not to the list address ( Queries to the listowner should be sent to, not to the list.

The correct format for sending a listserv command is to leave the subject line blank, and have the listserv command — and only the listserv command — in the body of the message.  Disable your signature file if you use one.



Send commands in exactly the format specified. This is being read by a computer, not a human, and the program doesn’t recognize words such as “please,” “thanks,” or anything other than the one format. You do need to specify that it is ATCA that is being referenced. ICORS (the list’s server) runs hundreds of lists, and will not know which list to execute the command for unless you specify it.

Sending the command to the list or to atca-request will only delay the processing of it until a listowner sees it. The list will treat it as a regular post and send it to all subscribers. atca-request goes to Chuck Eby, he will eventually see it and take care of it, or send you another copy of this so you can take care of it yourself. Sending it to the listserv address will enable it to be taken care of automatically, without having to wait for human intervention.