Email Viruses and Other Hoaxes

There is now a possibility that your computer can be affected by a virus while reading email — if you are using older versions of Windows (Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4, and Windows NT DEC Alpha) with IE5, Outlook, or Outlook Express and the message is in HTML format (which is not supposed to be sent to the list, and is automatically stripped off if it is). The fix for this is at

Otherwise, the only way a virus can be transferred through email is if it includes an executable attachment, and you execute it.

Before doing a well-intentioned post to the list about the newest virus, modem tax, cookie recipe, or other scare, check the following sites to make sure that you aren’t being conned.

Symantec Anti Virus Research Center
McAfee Associates Virus information
McAfee Associates Hoax information
Urban Legends Reference Pages
Virus, chain-letters, hoaxes and urban legends and