Greetings ATCA Members! I am writing you all this evening regarding a proposed addition to the club bylaws related to the management of the ATCA Investment Account.  Many of you are likely aware an Investment Account was opened on the club’s behalf some time ago. It currently resides with Raymond James Investments and the balance is approximately $26,000.

The goal of the investment account is to maintain a monetary tool that will continue to grow and produce dividends to help subsidize the operating expenses of the club perpetually.  Of course the Investment Account has been funded by generous donations from members since inception so it’s very important for club leadership to protect these gifts ensuring ATCA has the benefits of these donations for many years to come.

Currently, there is no language within the bylaws to guide the Board as to how the account is to be managed and funded. We feel an asset of this value should be included in the bylaws and the 2022-23 ATCA Board has voted unanimously in favor to include a new amendment to the bylaws under Article VII using the language stated below.

There are no significant differences between how the account has been managed up until now and the proposed amendment.  We just felt it was important to have a foundational basis for the management of the account included within the bylaws without constraining future Boards to take action they see fit as needs change.  According to the ATCA bylaws, any amendments to the bylaws must be published to the membership in the newsletter for 30 days and then voted upon by the club membership for approval.

We encourage you to look over this proposed addition and contact us with questions or concerns.  As Board Chair, I ask for the support of the members to vote yes, in favor of the inclusion of this amendment to the bylaws.  As has been the case for past bylaw votes, voting for this amendment will be held on the website in the same fashion as we do annual voting for officers and will run from March 6, 2023 to April 7, 2023. If you have any questions, feel free to call or email myself, Scotty or any Board Member.


Jason Burwell

2022-23 ATCA Board Chairman



  1. The ATCA Board may establish and manage investment account(s) for the benefit of the Association.
  2. The ATCA board can establish guidelines and expectations regarding the account(s).
  3. The account(s) will be managed by a board appointed investment committee of at least three (3) ATCA members in good standing. The investment committee will report to the ATCA Board of Directors -The investment committee will provide account(s) reports as directed by the Board of Directors – ATCA
  4. Funding of the account: -The ATCA Board may deposit ATCA funds in the account(s). -All monetary contributions and gifts designated to the investment account(s) of the ATCA will be timely deposited. -All undesignated monetary contributions and gifts to the ATCA will be timely deposited in the investment account(s). -All funds received by the ATCA from lifetime and extended year membership programs will be timely deposited, in the investment account(s). -The ATCA Board can determine procedures and expectations for handling and deposit of investment account(s)’ funds. -Deposits to the account(s) will be ‘corpus’ and will be unavailable for withdrawal for ATCA use except for situations provided in Item 6
  5. Account(s) Earnings: -The ATCA Board will decide the use(s) of all earnings (interest and dividends) of the investment account(s).
  6. Unusual and Emergency Financial needs: -Unusual and emergency needs of the ATCA, recognized as such by a majority quorum vote of the ATCA Board will allow the Board to consider liquidating account(s)’ corpus funds to address the unusual or emergency needs. Each withdrawal from the account will require a majority quorum vote of the Board. -Liquidation of corpus funds should be recognized by the ATCA Board as a funding source of late to last resort. -The ATCA Board will return liquidated amounts to the investment account(s) as soon as possible following satisfaction of the recognized need


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