About Robert “Bob” McNeal #44 of Tallula, Illinois

Mr. & Mrs. Robert “Bob” McNeal were introduced to the Antique Telephone Collector’s Association by Wilson Ratliff #7 of Shelbina, Missouri. Mr. Ratliff was an early charter member and really encouraged us to join. Bob had wooden telephones on a wall in every room connected to a switchboard in the family room. The bulk of our collection hung on a wall in a large hallway. Our home was a destination for many grade school classes on field trips. Our most exciting and favorite finds were the large wide bottom two box wooden telephones. We managed to find several, but I can’t remember exactly how many. For obvious reasons, our very favorite telephone was a Stromberg Carlson tandem floor model pictured below. Bob actually found it at a country auction just barely four miles from our home. It remains in our dining room. The biggest surprise was a Julius Andrae single box telephone, folding shelf and all. Our children and I found it in a local antique shop and surprise Dad with it at Christmas time. The antique telephone collecting hobby was so much fun and we enjoyed the shows we were able to attend. Thank you so much for honoring the charter members on this very important anniversary.

Mrs. Dorothy McNeal, Tallula, Illinois

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