The Gray 10A "Shield" paystation
by Mike Davis  ATCA #2022

This month we are looking at a Gray "Shield" paystation.  The installation was very simple, the collector was placed on the front of a wood phone by removing the transmitter arm and installing the 10A shield and connecting the wires back to the transmitter.  A small bracket was included (pictured) that was screwed to the front of the phone, the collector was hung onto it and then with the vault drawer removed 2 screws were installed attaching the collector to the phone.  The Gray "Shield" or 10A was made to be used by independent telephone companies.  The shield came equipped with the swivel for the transmitter.  The finish is very attractive in red, white and blue.  The original price for this unit was $8.50, a bit more than they sell for now.  Aside from the transmitter wires running thru it the collector has no other wires or electrical connections.  Once the operator was on the line she would request payment and listen for the distinct sounds the coins make.  Like most collectors a nickel sounded one bell, a dime sounded 2 bells and a quarter sounded a cathedral gong.   She heard the sounds thru the telephone transmitter which is attached to it. 

Please be aware that reproduction units have been made.



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