How to re-cover “feet” to a Western Electric 302 telephone


Written & Illustrated by Dennis Hallworth



     1.    1/8" F-26 Gray Industrial Felt

    2.    Chocolate Brown Sheer Cowhide Suede - 2 to 3 oz weight (this is how the thickness of leather is measured)

    3.    Footpad Top Plate (the one with the screw thread)

    4.    Footpad Bottom Plate (no threads)

    5.    8-32 X 7/32" Round Head Machine Screw -- 1/4" screw can be used with a #8 lock washer to prevent damage to the leather


     1.    Templates for felt cushion and leather cover

    2.    Fixture for assembly.  This can be made by simply cutting out an opening in wood justlightly larger than a finished foot.



    3.    Tool to pleat leather -- This can be anything from a multiple pronged tool to a simple screwdriver or nail.

    3.    Scissors heavy enough to cut leather


     1.    Disassemble footpad and clean plates especially the edges and sides.

    2.    Cut leather and felt using templates

    3.    Place leather on fixture board within the marked lines.  Make sure to put darker (good side that will be outside) side of the leather down.  Place felt cushion on leather over fixture recess.  Place Top Plate (with screw thread) on felt cushion with edges facing up.


    4.    Push down evenly on Top Plate to force all components into the recess.



    5.    Place bottom Plate (no threads) on the Top Plate edges facing down and push the leather between the two plates creating pleats inside the assembly -- ideally 5 or 6 pleats for each of the three sides.  Be sure the corners are smooth.

    6.    Insert a screw into the center hole and tighten.  If plates are aligned correctly, the leather pulls in and the plates wend up flush.

     7.    Finished product



Optional Step


If the Bottom Plate does not seat even, an Arbor Press can be used.  Be careful to put pressure only on the corners and edges not the center or the screw will cause a mark on the leather.